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What is a Gentlemen’s Club ?

A Gentlemen’s Club is an escort agency as opposed to a straight out brothel.

The main difference between the two is that a Gentlemen’s Club offers a more discreet, private service.

At Vamps we provide a drug and alcohol free environment which helps to ensure that all our ladies are of the highest class and discretion. We pride ourselves on being discreet, friendly and above all, knowing exactly what our client needs.

A brothel on the other hand, has a far more public look and feel and in many cases has a bar where ladies and clients are free to mix and mingle thereby providing a far less discreet environment and atmosphere.

Is Vamps located in a discreet location ?

Yes it is.
Tucked away in the Rosedale / Albany industrial area we simply blend into our surrounds as just another building.

There is no signage or any other outside advertising that might indicate our presence or allude to our industry.

Is there parking available ?

Yes there is.
Private off street parking is available directly by the entrance.

How do I book a Lady?

It is preferable to text or call us to book one of our ladies ( no private numbers please )

All calls are important to us so if for some reason we cannot pick up, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Bookings are by appointment only to ensure the privacy of our guests as discretion is paramount. Should you arrive unannounced you may be turned away.

Our ladies are generally very busy, so it is better that you call early to secure a booking especially with the Lady of your choice. 

Whilst we are happy to accept last minute enquiries, and walk ins, we strongly suggest you contact us and make a booking as we cannot guarantee any ladies will be available.

What payment facilities are provided ?

We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and Eftpos. 
We provide discrete billing and do not retain any records. 

May I come in and meet the ladies?

Yes you can but it is highly recommended that you contact us to arrange a meeting time with any or all of the available ladies.

Once again bookings are very important. Both our ladies and clients value their discretion and anonymity and we totally respect that. 

As you arrive, please text or call us to let us know you are here so we can advise you if it’s safe and discreet for you to enter thereby minimiseing those potentially awkward situations with other clients.

What is the difference between a booking and a meeting ?

When you book a lady you are in fact confirming her availability and you will be expected to honour that commitment. This is of the utter most importance as she may have declined other clients to allocate the time especially for you in which case she may lose money.

If for some reason your circumstances alter after having made a booking and can no longer attend at the agreed time, please advise us accordingly so another booking might be made.

Should you wish to meet a lady, or available ladies, prior to making a booking, you still need to contact us to arrange for a meeting. Bear in mind that at this point you haven’t secured a booking and that another client might in which case they would take precedence.

When choosing a lady and you are undecided feel free to discuss your requirements with our receptionist. 

What if I don’t like the lady ?

You are under no obligation to proceed with your booking and may cancel at any time prior to commencement without penalty.

Dependant upon circumstances and the availability of another lady, it maybe possible to rebook at that time. If not you will be asked to leave.

Should you wish to cancel you booking part way through, and providing there is a valid reason for doing so consideration maybe given to providing a partial refund dependant upon the circumstances.

What if the lady doesn’t like me ?

Just like you, your chosen lady is under no obligation to proceed with a booking.


Whilst it is rare for this to happen should a situation arise where the chosen lady has any concern for either her safety or her wellbeing she is free, and encouraged, to immediately terminate her service and report her concerns to the manager.


Where it is felt her decision was justified no refund will be given.

What service can I expect ? 

The basic service is regular sex, BJ and or hand job, anything additional is an “extra” including multi shots. Each lady is different in what additional service(s) she is prepared to offer and in most cases there is an additional charge which you need to negotiate with your chosen lady.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

Do Be respectful. All Ladies are different with what they are or are not prepared to do. Respect their boundaries and they will respect you. Remember you are paying for a service, not “ buying” a lady.

Do Always use a condom. This is a legal requirement for oral sex and any kind of penetrative sex.  Offenders in breach of this requirement in any manner will be immediately asked to leave and will be permanently banned.

Do Always shower first. Personal hygiene is paramount. Our ladies pay particular attention to their own personal hygiene and common courtesy dictates you should do the same.

Don’t Solicit personal information or private off site bookings with the ladies. This is a business partnership with all that implies. Any client found in breach or this requirement will be banned.

Don’t Film or take pictures (in any format with any type of recording device.) Doing so may very well be in breach of existing privacy laws and if so could result in police intervention.

Don’t Use or offer any form of drug or other illegal substance Be aware that Vamps is drug and alcohol free. Should you arrive intoxicated or under the influence of any illegal substance you will be refused entry. If during the course of you booking you attempt to use any drug you will be asked to leave.

Do Provide feedback good or bad if you feel it is warranted. Any establishment is only as good as its “staff” and we can only pass on a compliment or inform a person of something that may require attention based on that basis.

Do Tell others if your experience was great. Tell us if it wasn’t.

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